The Hands and Feet of Christ

Ministering to and through the Church

We believe God chooses to work His will and changes in the world primarily through the bride of Christ, His Church.  We are committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with churches who are as committed as we are to defending and promoting the sanctity of human life.  Churches who enter into this special relationship with CPC join the ranks of a movement we call "Churches4Life".  

In order to become a Church4Life, a church must first sign the Church4Life Declaration (you can view a copy of the declaration at the bottom of this page). After signing the declaration, a church must commit to doing at least ONE of the following each year:

  • Host a Baby Bottle Drive
  • Participate in our Annual Walk4Life / 5k LifeRun
  • Become a financial partner, either by including CPC in your regular missions giving, or by taking a one-time special offering for the ministry of CPC
  • Sponsoring a table at our Annual Benefit Dinner

Churches4Life partners receive full access to numerous printed materials and media resources on issues such as the Sanctity of Human Life, Biblical Sexual Integrity, Post-Abortive Healing and Mending the Soul Abuse Recovery groups.   These educational and training programs are part of our ChurchEquip program, and are designed to equip the church to stand strong in a morally declining cultural with a Biblical understanding and practical skills to help promote Christ-honoring actions and attitudes both within the church and without.   For more details on our ChurchEquip, click here.

To join with us as a Churches4Life partner, complete the form below or contact our Church Relations Manager, Pastor Alan Thompson at


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