In The Beginning...

We all know how the rest of it goes: God created the heavens and the earth.  As we gaze at the heavens and ponder the wonders of this marvelous creation, we can see the majesty and glory of our Creator in a way that brings us to our knees in humble awe and wonder.  But what takes my breath away is considering what the apex, the finale of God's masterpiece of creation was:  He created man in his own image.

This idea is simple yet transformative when you really get it:  every human being, the born and the pre-born, are God's image bearers.  This is why CPC exists, and why I've spent the past 35 years working in this arena - because those who bear the image of God are worth saving from slaughter and devastation that comes in the wake of abortion.  The way I see it, if God considered man his crowning act of creation, we dare not value a single human life as less than He does.  That is the goal and the passion that drives me and shapes my vision for this work we do everyday.

The word "image" is understood as the outward expression of an inward nature, and while I know that God's word is final and not to be questioned, when I look in the mirror, I don't always see the nature of God reflecting back at me.  Instead, I see a man who loves Jesus dearly enough to engage daily in a struggle with my sinful nature, who seeks to know and do the will of God, however imperfectly, and who knows enough to know that this work is impossible without the empowering Holy Spirit working in and through me, our staff and volunteers, and our partners. 

So pray for me, and I will be praying for you, as we take this journey together.  I'm glad you've come along for the ride.