Our Ministers of Mercy

The CPC of Greater Phoenix has been serving in the mission field created by abortion since 1983. And from our very beginning, it was volunteers who made it possible. Volunteers who served on the Board of Directors, volunteers who served those who came in looking for help, and volunteers who helped run the day to day operations of the ministry. In that regard, nothing has changed. We still rely upon our faithful volunteers to make this ministry possible.

What’s another name for volunteer? How about servant? Or ministers of mercy? Or angel sent from the Lord? You are all those things to us - and much more!

We who follow Christ are identified as servants (Matt. 20:25-28), priests (1 Pet. 2:4-9), and friends (John 15:14-15). Each of these ‘titles’ is wrapped around a core of voluntary, grateful response to God. “As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4:10).

As ‘volunteers’ you all have something in common. You are called and chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a part of the Body - and without you the Body is incomplete. And you have received a gift, which is needed by the Body, to effectively show the love of Christ.

Without you, we could not be here day in and day out fighting on the front lines of the most important battle on Earth - the battle to save innocent human lives. On behalf of the Board of Directors, and all of the staff, and on behalf of all the lives you have touched and helped save, THANK YOU. Thank you for your faithfulness, thank you for your generosity and thank you for sharing your gift. You are greatly loved, and greatly appreciated!!!