Every successful team needs a good captain... could that be you?

Walk for LIfe/5k LifeRun teams are a great way to have fun while impacting the world on behalf of LIFE.  Teams consist of 3 or more individuals who commit to doing the walk or run together.  Team Captains work to spread the news about CPC and help others become involved in the Walk for Life/5k LifeRun.  So here's your chance to exercise your creative, passionate, and maybe (slightly) competitive side by creating a team and challenging another team to meet or beat your team's fundraising goal!

Here's how to be a Team Captain in 6 easy steps:

  1. Think of a team name and register your team online here.
  2. Invite, recruit and help register your teammates.  Tell people why you are walking and what CPC means to you.  When someone joins your team, have them register here.
  3. Show your team the Walk for Life/5k LifeRun video.
  4. Distribute the Walk for Life/5k LifeRun pledge forms and sponsor cards to each team member.  Set team goals to coincide with individual goals.
  5. Coach your team on getting sponsorships (e.g. asking coworkers, family, friends, teachers and small group members) both online and in person.
  6. Attend the walk with your team and have fun!
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller



Holy Walkamoles

Team Captain: Someone Awesome

Team Members: A. Buncha Others

2017 Fundraiser Ranking: #1

Amount Raised: $12,439



Metzger Small Group

Team Captain: Justin Othr Walker

Team Members: Fleetfooted wonders

2017 Fundraiser Ranking: #5

Amount Raised: $4,470