You don't need a diplomatic appointment to be an Ambassador...

am•bas•sa•dor - a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity

As a Walk for LIfe Church Ambassador, you become CPC's representative at your church.  Your goal is to spread the word about the Walk for Life/5k LifeRun and recruit team captains and individual walkers for the event.  Church support is an important key to making the Walk for Life successful, and our Ambassadors are essential to making that happen.

So how do you accomplish these goals?  Here's how to be a Walk for Life Church Ambassador in 6 easy steps:

  1. Meet with your pastor and share the vision of CPC and your passion for making a difference for LIFE.

  2. Ask your pastor if he/she would be willing to do one or more of the following:

    1. Allow you to promote the Walk for Life/5k LifeRun at your church

    2. Share personally from the pulpit

    3. show the 1-minute Walk for Life/5k LifeRun promotional video to the congregation

    4. Schedule a speaker from CPC

    5. Join the Walk for Life/5k LifeRun as a participant

  3. Contact CPC for promotional materials

    1. Put up posters in key locations around your church

    2. Submit an announcement to your bulletin/website, or have our bulletin inserts included in your bulletins

    3. Set up a display table with the Walk for Life/5k LifeRun materials at a visible place within the church

    4. Hand out pledge forms

  4. Get other ministries within your church involved! Reach out to your youth groups, women's ministries, children's ministries and small groups. Encourage healthy team competition - it's amazing to see what can happen when a church has several teams competing to see how much money they can raise! Create a goal for your church - either in dollars raised or number of walkers participating - and keep your congregation informed of your progress.

  5. Communicate with your team leaders often to ensure they have the encouragement they need to accomplish their goals. And make sure that if you have a team of runners that they know about our Couch to 5k Training Program!

  6. Attend the Walk for Life with your church teams and have fun!

Church Ambassadors

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